Caroline Wood, LMT

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I completed my schooling at Midwest Institute and learned the basic modalities of massage therapy such as; Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, neuromuscular therapy, and more. I seek to never stop learning about how to help with the problem that faces us all, pain. We all feel the stress of life and this affects our bodies in many different forms. 

 With my education and my love for human anatomy and how it works I  continue to grow with each new experience. I seek to learn from head to toe what pains our anatomy and how I can use my skills to help relieve my clients from chronic to minor aches and pains. As well as, help relieve stress.

I have worked in small spas and big franchises. Having this experience I have gained so much knowledge of all the different types of people there are in this world. One fact I find to be true is, no matter what we all hurt!

My clients leave happy, in less pain, and I'm always excited when I can become a part of their healthcare routine to keep them feeling their best. My goal is to help each person I see to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life through my practice of massage.

Caroline’s Services

Caroline uses a variety of massage techniques to help promote the healing of chronic and acute soft tissue injuries and pre-natal stress including:

 Swedish Massage

 Deep Tissue Massage

Prenatal Massage



Hot Stone

Chiropractic Combo

Caroline does offer several ADD ON’s for only $5- Theragun (massage gun), Hand or Foot Scrub, and Kinesiology taping

My Office Hours:

Monday: 12pm-6pm

Tuesday/Thursday: 7am-2pm

Wednesday: 8:30am-5pm

Friday: 7am-10am

Office Hours

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