Orthotics also known as insoles, orthoses or shoe inserts, are designed to correct foot mechanics and abnormal or irregular walking patterns. They are not just 'arch supports', although this term is often used to describe them.

They perform functions that make your everyday activities more comfortable and efficient, by altering the angles at which the feet strike the ground when standing, walking, jogging, running and jumping.

You don't have to have pain in your feet to benefit from orthotics. Wearing orthotics could help you improve your athletic performance by improving your mechanical advantage throughout the kinematic chain.

Why do I need Orthotics?

Orthotics are shaped insoles placed inside shoes with the purpose of restoring natural foot movement. There are 5 phases in a single set step during a normal gait pattern. Orthotics aid in making sure your foot goes through all 5 stages in order to maximize balance and stability in your spine, during standing, walking, and running. Orthotics also help prevent future injuries due to restrictions in the gait cycle and can prevent stress on the low back and pelvis.

Orthotics can be necessary when the natural balance of our lower body has been disrupted by overuse, injury, inflammation, surgery of the back, hip, knee or foot.

What conditions can orthotics help?

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
Knee Pain
Low back pain
Post- Op imbalances
Flat feet
High arches
Athletic performance and more...

What to expect when being fit for Orthotics?

Before fitting your orthotics, Dr. Josh or Dr. Ginger will perform a full gait analysis. This will include walking with your shoes on and with your shoes off to get a full evaluation of how you walk. Depending on you health goals, a running analysis will be performed at this time if necessary.

At Sport and Spine we custom make your orthotics here in our office. We use a special type of orthotic that can be heated up, inserted into your shoe, and by placing your foot into your shoe an exact mold of your foot can be created. Then using posts and metatarsal pads, Dr. Josh or Dr. Ginger can custom design your orthotic to fit your exact needs.

How much will my Orthotics cost?

Because we do all of our custom orthotics in house we are able to keep the cost down for orthotics. One pair of custom made orthotics is $95. Some people need different styles of orthotics for the different styles of shoes they wear, so we do have money saving packages if multiple orthotics are needed.

Call and schedule your orthotic fitting today!

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